Open doors at SABCA Limburg : an overwhelming success !

Oct 2012

SABCA Limburg, SABCA’s subsidiary specialized in high-tech aeronautical composites manufacturing opened its doors to the general public on Sunday 07 October 2012. This operation was part of the Open Bedrijven Dag (Open Businesses Day) organized in the Flemish Region.

In spite of a very busy time in a fast growing production tempo, lots of efforts have been made by SABCA Limburg’s personnel to carefully prepare small didactic exhibitions and arrange the workshops for an interesting, safe and fluent visit.

The big surprise came from the unexpected high number of visitors, more than 5000 !, encouraged by the good weather and the widespread publicity, but also by the willingness of the public to discover one of the technological jewels of the Region. The importance of the event was underlined by the presence of the Flemish Minister for Innovation, Mrs Ingrid Lieten, who spent a long time visiting the installations under the guidance of Mr Peter Reynaert, Managing Director of SABCA Limburg.

The visitors received explanations on the various aeronautical composite products and the way they are designed and fabricated. They were able enter the clean room where prepregs are laid-up, both manually and automatically (the two automatic tapelayers were making real parts for Dassault and Gulfstream business jets ) , admire the huge autoclaves where the parts are polymerized (“cooked”), have a look on the 5-axes trimming machine, the test installations and the paint shop.

Next to its composite activities, SABCA Limburg also performs a very specific task on major structural elements of  the Ariane 5 launch vehicle : the final integration of black boxes, electrical cabling and pyrotechnics  before delivery to the Ariane 5 assembly building in Kourou, French Guyana.

 For those interested in working at SABCA Limburg, a stand was open for job applications.

 Our guess is that most people came back home that day, totally impressed and with the eyes  full of  stars !

SABCA is a leading Belgian Aerospace company since almost 92 years, employing 1000 highly trained persons. SABCA is active in civil aircraft design and manufacture (Airbus, Dassault, Gulfstream), military aircraft overhaul and upgrades (F16, F5, Mirage, helicopters, etc…) as well as in space programs (Ariane and Vega). These activities cover structural work as well as Thrust Vectoring Control systems and systems integration. SABCA has plants in Brussels and Charleroi,  a fully owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg specialized in aerospace composites and a new low cost assmebly plant in Morocco called ASM Aero

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