We at SABCA are aware of our impact on the environment and take actions to reduce it.
In early 2009 SABCA announced its commitment to progressively set up an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO 14001. Therefore a project team has been especially dedicated to create and implement this EMS.

The first step of this three-years project (named ENVIRO) was achieved by the publication of SABCA’s first environmental policy declaration and a first ISO 14001 roadmap for 2010/2011.
For more information about SABCA’s ISO 14001 commitment, please download our "SABCA Environmental Policy".

In practice, our efforts cover a wide range, starting with simple actions like encouraging the personnel to recycle office paper, reduce waste, turn out the unnecessary lights, lower the temperature, use double-sided photocopies, etc…

Major past and future actions include :

  • The respect of the European REACH requirements banning a range of dangerous products
  • Progressive switch from solvent containing paints to water-based paints, with qualifications for Airbus and Dassault products
  • Investment in a new automated surface treatment installation that will not only be more energy efficient, but will also pump and recycle the air and will allow the use of new chrome-free baths.
  • A bead blasting installation at Charleroi to mechanically remove the paint from the aircraft. This ecological process replaces the classical chemical processes. As a bonus, the small beads are recycled after every operation.
  • Full removal of the asbestos materials from the buildings       
  • On-going discussions for the installation of a very large wind turbine at SABCA Limburg that will generate most of the electricity needed for the plant’s operations