Our Markets

Space Launchers

An early participant in the European space programs, SABCA has been involved in the design, development, production and testing of all models of the Ariane European space launchers, including the mighty Ariane 5, as well as in the new Vega small launcher program.

Our participation includes major structural elements, both metallic and composite, like the lower and upper skirts of the Ariane 5 boosters and the lower section of the Vega main body.

SABCA is also responsible for the complete Thrust Vectoring Control Systems (TVC) of these launchers, including actuators and associated electronic local control loop. These allow the steering of the rocket on the requested trajectory.

Next to the structures and TVC's, SABCA produces various special interfaces like a quick-release connection for the Ariane 5 ground umbilicals, as well as fairings for the separation rockets.

Our customers include ESA, Arianespace, Airbus Defence and Space, ELV, Europropulsion.