Products & Capabilities


The SABCA Brussels plant is specialized in handling the metallic parts and assemblies. Among its strong points we can point out :

  • Several long bed high speed 5-axes milling machines with capability up to 14 m
  • Several precision machining centers
  • Semi-automatic and automatic rivetting
  • Heat treatments and surface treatments. A new fully automated installation offers REACH compliant TSA anodization and water-based painting for parts up to 7200 x 3650 x 700 mm.
  • Large automatic measuring machines

Around this manufacturing capability, SABCA possesses a complete organization that manages work flow, modifications and configuration, product assurance, processes, tooling inspection and update, packaging and delivery.

SABCA also offers the OEM on-site support and a full AOG capability.

SABCA Aerostructure

SABCA Limburg concentrates on advanced composite manufacturing. In spite of its relatively small size, the company owns :

  • Two large Automatic Tape Layers (ATL) with beds up to 12 m
  • Three autoclaves, two of which offering large dimensions (5,5 dia / 15 m long  and 4 m dia / 8 m long) as well as high operating temperatures and pressures
  • A large high speed 5-axes router
  • Automatic C- and A- scans
  • Assembly and painting facilities
SABCA Aerostructure

SABCA, together with its subsidiary SABCA Limburg, offers a large spectrum of production processes that fit most of today's needs for efficient production of complex structures.