Products & Capabilities

Maintenance & Upgrades

SABCA Charleroi maintains and upgrades a broad spectrum of military aircraft and helicopters. In our large hangars, aircraft are first de-fueled in order to avoid fire and explosions, then the engines are removed, the access panels are opened, equipment, parts and harnesses are removed, inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced.

New installed equipment can be radios, GPS, HUD, navigation or weapons systems, new ejection seats, enhanced fuel system, upgraded power generation, chaff & flares, ECM and even new canards.

Some equipments require a full revision i.a.w. the prescriptions of the original manufacturer. SABCA possesses the necessary test benches and other measuring devices.

SABCA can overhaul hydraulics, electronics, canopies, hydrazine systems, pneumatics, etc…
After the aircraft is put together again, SABCA will strip the paint (bead blast process) and apply a new paint.

SABCA also prepares, performs and analyses the test flights to ensure that the aircraft is ready to go back to service.