Airbus A330NEO Tail cone delivered... powering into the future

Sep 2016

As a key player in the successful A330 Program, SABCA is proud to announce the delivery of the first A330NEO Tail Cone to Airbus, on Thursday 15th September 2016. This was the 1583th Tail Cone delivery.

As the newest member of the A330 Family, the A330NEO is a truly modern aircraft that shares the values of Airbus’ market-leading wide body product line: unrivalled cost-efficiency for airlines and superior comfort for passengers.

SABCA is a Tier-1 Risk Sharing Partner in the A330 and A330NEO Programs and delivers the Tail Cone directly to the FAL, in a ready to fly condition, i.e. equipped with all systems inside.


With strong shareholders (Dassault Group and GKN Aerospace/Fokker) and soon celebrating its first century in aerospace, SABCA 1200 highly motivated employees master all skills from early phases of “Build-to-Print” and “Build-to-spec” programs to full customer support.

SABCA is active in three markets: Civil Aviation, Space and Defense. 

In Civil Aviation, competencies in design and manufacturing of complex metal and composite Aerostructures and advanced High-Lift mechanisms enabled SABCA to win numerous Airbus, Dassault Aviation and Gulfstream work packages as a tier-1 and tier-2 partner.       

In Space, SABCA is single source for design and manufacturing of all Ariane 5 rocket engine Actuators, VEGA launcher and Ariane 6 complete Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system.

In Defense, SABCA offers high-end expertise in maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as modernization of military platforms and maintains most of the fleet of the Belgian armed forces. It also works with other European countries, as well as the US Air Force (USAFE), on the F-16.


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