Transparency Notification Melrose Industries Plc - Press release - 14 May 2018

May 2018



Regulated information


14 May 2018 – 6:00 pm


Publication of a transparency notification

(Art 14, first paragraph, of the Act of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major holdings) 

1. Summary of the notification

SABCA received a transparency notification dated 9 May 2018 indicating that Melrose Industries Plc now holds, by virtue of the acquisition of shares on 19 April 2018, the (indirect) control of 43,57% of the voting rights in SABCA (Cf. the chain of controlled undertakings, infra). Melrose Industries Plc therefore crossed the threshold of 40%.

2. Content of the notification

The notification dated 9 May 2018 contains the following information:

  • Reason for the notification:

Acquisition or disposal of the control of an undertaking that holds a participating interest in an issuer.

  • Notification by:

A parent undertaking or a controlling person.

  • Persons subject to the notification requirement:

Melrose Industries Plc, 11th Floor, The Colmore Building, Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B4 6AT.

  • Transaction date:


  • Threshold that is crossed:


  • Denominator:


  • Notified details:

The number, 1.045.662, and the percentage, 43,57%, of the voting rights of Fokker Aerospace B.V. remained unchanged after the transaction.

  • Chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held:

“Melrose Industries Plc controls GKN plc (100% following pending completion of statutory 'squeeze out' process) / GKN Plc owns GKN Holdings Plc (100%) / GKN Holdings Plc owns GKN Enterprise Limited (100%) / GKN Enterprise Limited holds GKN Industries Limited (100%) / GKN Industries Limited holds GKN Aerospace Netherlands B.V. (100%) / GKN Aerospace Netherlands BV holds Fokker Technologies Group B.V. (100%) / Fokker Technologies Group B.V. holds Fokker Technologies Holding B.V. (100%) / Fokker Technologies Holding B.V. holds Fokker Aerospace B.V. (100%) /Fokker Aerospace B.V. holds 43.57 % in SABCA”

3. Miscellaneous


  • Contact person:

Thibauld JONGEN, CEO,



SABCA Group is one of the main aerospace and defence actors in Belgium, belonging to Dassault Group and Fokker Technologies (GKN Group, Melrose Industries Plc). It is, made up of SABCA S.A. and its subsidiaries SABCA Limburg and ASM Aéro, and conducts its operations from Belgium's three regions (Brussels Capital Region, Gosselies in Wallonia, and Lummen in Flanders) as well as Casablanca, Morocco.

Strengthened by nearly a century of know-how and a corporate culture based on a broad portfolio of capabilities, the SABCA Group deploys its activities on three traditional markets - space, civil aviation, and defence.   Major customers of SABCA Group are Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Fokker, Safran, ArianeGroup, Arianespace and several other institutional and governmental organizations such as Belgian Defence, Royal Netherlands Air Force and the US Air Force. 

The Group focuses its activities on the following Centres of Excellence:

  • Integrated structures and "Plug & Fly” equipment
  • Actuation systems
  • Surface treatment
  • MRO and modernisation of platforms and equipment
  • Complex and large composite structures
  • Aerostructure assemblies


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