SABCA is open for space technology transfer

Nov 2018

SABCA is open for space technology transfer

Brussels - SABCA supports the launch of the ESA Space Solutions platform. It's a new initiative launched by the European Space Agency and Verhaert: ESA Space Solutions Belgium. To support the Belgian space ecosystem, they join forces for technology transfer and business incubation.


Last Wednesday November 7, 2018,  Verhaert presented ESA Space Solutions Belgium to about 140 guests in Agoria's BluePoint Brussels. Before the official opening, a matchmaking activity took place with more than 230 one-on-one meetings.


Technology transfer

ESA Space Solutions Belgium gives Belgian entrepreneurs a boost to innovate with space technology. Companies that want to use space technology or know-how receive financial support up to 35.000 euros to set up feasibility studies or demonstration projects. In addition, they also get access to the extensive database of ESA patents and technologies.


SABCA as a major actor

As a major actor of the Belgian aerospace sector, SABCA is proud to support this initiative. Three SABCA experts took part in the matchmaking activity, including Guerric de Crombrugghe de Looringhe, Jean-Brieuc Feron and Marco Ruiz, to explore opportunities related to UAS and control electronics. During the official opening, SABCA took part in a panel on “How terrestrial companies benefit from space knowledge?”. There, we presented one of our own space to Earth technology transfer: using our control processor developed for orbital launchers as an auto-pilot for drones.


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