One of the largest autoclaves in Europe arrives at SABCA Limburg !

Feb 2010

SABCA Limburg, a fully-owned subsidiary of SABCA, has received early this month its new very large autoclave. With an outside diameter of 6,1 m (20 ft) and a length of 17 m (55 ft), the new equipment is one of the largest autoclaves in Europe.

Useful dimensions are 5,5 m (18 ft) in diameter and 15 m (49 ft) in length. With a working pressure of up to 12 bar (176 psi) and a temperature of 250°C (482°F), this autoclave will allow the processing of very large structural elements like the skins for the Gulfstream G650 manufactured at SABCA Limburg, or curing several smaller parts at the same time.

The new large autoclave was manufactured by the German company Scholz. Due to its dimensions and weight (165 tons), boat transportation was necessary via the Albert Canal which lies close to the SABCA Limburg plant. Two huge cranes with a capacity of 500 tons were first used to unload the autoclave from the boat and then, after transfer to the plant on a special transporter, to install it on its concrete foundations.

A new hangar will be built around the autoclave during the next few weeks and, after a testing period the equipment will be operational in May 2010.

Established in 1992, SABCA Limburg is specialized in the development and production of major aerospace composite primary structures using both manual and automated processes like Automatic Tape Laying. The new investment is a key factor in the future of the company that enables SABCA Limburg to offer its present and prospective customers well improved capabilities and an increased capacity.

SABCA Limburg, together with its parent company SABCA, will continue to invest in new technologies and equipment, comforting its position in a market more and more demanding in terms of quality, on-time delivery and value-for-money.

SABCA is a leading Belgian Aerospace company since almost 90 years, employing 1000 highly trained persons. SABCA is active in civil aircraft design and manufacture (Airbus, Dassault, Gulstream), military aircraft overhaul and upgrades (F16, F5, Mirage F1, Alphajet, A10, helicopters, etc…) as well as in space programs (Ariane and Vega). These activities cover structural work as well servo-actuators and systems integration. SABCA has plants in Brussels and Charleroi, and a fully owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg specialized in aerospace composites.

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