A new powerful Aeromill at SABCA

Dec 2010

SABCA is pleased to announce the installation in its Brussels Plant of a powerful brand-new milling machine that will enhance and improve our already strong capabilities and capacities in 3- and 5-axes, long bed high speed machining.

The new AEROMILL machine is the result of a two-years development with the Forest-Liné company. To cope with the size of the machine and its automated multi-pallet system, SABCA has built a new 720 sqm hangar extension equipped with a 5-ton crane providing a 7.60 m useful height.

The machine has been designed for a full autonomous service : fitted with several automated devices like automatic management of the pallets, a system that detects broken tools, several feelers, reading/writing of the tool characteristics on Balluff chips, external and internal lubrication of the tools and more than 200 tools in its magazine, it is really meant to be a game-changer.

In summary, a few characteristics of the Aeromill :

  • Electro-spindle 70 kW, 24000 rpm
  • Three pallets 8000 mm x 3400 mm
  • Linear motors Acceleration 0.5 g, speed 60 m/min
  • X,Y,Z useful dimensions 8100 mm x 3600 mm x 650 mm
  • Torque motors +/- 110°, n x 360°
  • Robotized tool magazine 198 tools + 12 angle tools
  • Numerical Command Siemens 840D

Several parts already in production will be transferred during the coming months onto the new machine, cutting the production time and boosting the productivity, a move that will allow SABCA to get rid of older machines. The 5 M€ investment is fully in line with SABCA’s policy to strengthen its automated production capabilities and capacity in order to reduce the overall costs.

Thanks to all technical advances and productivity improvements, a non-negligible capacity will be available for third party production, on the new Aeromill as well as on our other 3- and 5-axes long bed high speed milling machines. If you are interested to get a quote from SABCA for your large complex milled parts, do not hesitate to contact us at

SABCA is a leading Belgian Aerospace company since 90 years, employing 1000 highly trained persons. SABCA is active in civil aircraft design and manufacturing (Airbus, Dassault, Gulfstream), military aircraft overhaul and upgrades (F16, Mirage F1, Alphajet, helicopters, etc…) as well as in space programs (Ariane, Vega). These activities cover structural work as well as thrust vectoring systems and systems integration. SABCA has plants in Brussels and Charleroi, and a fully owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg nv, specialized in aerospace composites.

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