SABCA on board the Dassault Falcon 5X

Oct 2013

SABCA is a world class supplier, specialized in design and manufacturing of complex metal and composite aerostructures, advanced high-lift mechanisms and actuation systems.  This recognized expertise, combined with a strong supply chain management, made SABCA an ideal partner for both the development of the Dassault Falcon 5X Lower T34 Rear section and the manufacturing of Horizontal Stabilizer composite elements (pictured in grey). 

The Lower T34 Rear section is a complex-shaped structural assembly located in  the main section of the lower aft fuselage, between the centre wing box rear spar and the rear pressure bulkhead. 

The Lower T34 Rear section not only interfaces with the wing box and the rear bulkhead but also with the pressurised cabin structure.  Furthermore, it has multiple system interfaces including fuel, hydraulics and electrics.  It is also fitted with crash-pads designed to absorb energy in case of a crash landing and protect the integral fuel tank.

The structure size is approximately 4.4 m x 3.0 m x 1.3m.  It will be assembled at SABCA Brussels site, on a dedicated assembly line and will benefit from a highly integrated manufacturing process including the brand new, state-of-the-art, surface treatment facility, opened in 2013.

It will be delivered to Dassault Aviation in a truly Fit-and-Fly condition, fully equipped with internal system installation, including lines, piping, pumps…, all functionally tested and controlled for fuel tightness.

As a full risk-sharing Partner, SABCA responsibility extends beyond design and manufacturing to include after-sales support.

On the Horizontal Stabilizer structure, Fokker Aerospace is responsible for the development of the complete assembly whereas SABCA, thanks to its SABCA Limburg subsidiary, is responsible for the manufacturing engineering and the manufacturing of the Falcon 5X Horizontal Stabilizer carbon skins and spars.  

SABCA Limburg expertise in carbon fiber composite structure is reinforced by this major work package on the biggest and most advanced Falcon jet.

SABCA has always been involved in the manufacturing of Falcon jet flight controls and has again been selected to manufacture and to assemble the Trim Airbrakes Slats and Flaps Unit (TASFU) which is a cockpit equipment commanding the high-lift surfaces (Slats and Flaps), the Airbrakes and the position of the Horizontal Stabilizer (Trim).  The first TASFU has been delivered to Dassault Equipements on 3rd July 2013.


SABCA is a leading Belgian Aerospace company for more than 90 years, employing 1000+ highly trained persons. SABCA is active in civil aircraft design and manufacturing (Airbus, Dassault, Gulfstream), military aircraft overhaul and upgrades (F16, Mirage F1, Alphajet, helicopters, etc…) as well as in space programs (Ariane, Vega). These activities cover structural work as well as thust vectoring systems and systems integration. SABCA has plants in Brussels and Charleroi, a fully owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg nv, specialized in aerospace composites, as well as ASM Aero, a new assembly plant in Morocco

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