Green Energy is now a reality at the Sabca Limburg plant in Lummen

Apr 2015

Green Energy is now a reality at the Sabca Limburg plant in Lummen 

The SABCA Group environmental footprint control strategy has made renewable energy a reality at its SABCA Limburg plant, in Lummen, with a 2 Megawatt wind turbine. 

SABCA has always paid close attention to its environmental footprint and to every possible means of reducing it.  SABCA is in the process of getting the ISO14001 approval.  This process is divided in three steps, according to the NFX30-205 standard.  The second step has been passed in October 2014 and full certification  is planned to be achieved by end 2015.

In partnership with the electric utility company EDF Luminus, SABCA Limburg welcomed the construction of a 2 Megawatt wind turbine on its Lummen site.  In test phase since October 2014, the wind turbine is now fully operational. 

SABCA Limburg is the primary consumer of the electricity that the wind turbine generates and excess electricity is sent to the power transmission grid.  

In addition to its green nature, this solution saves electricity transmission losses and cost and therefore, helps SABCA Limburg to reinforce its competitiveness in composite structure manufacturing, yet taking care of the environment.    

SABCA is a leading Belgian Aerospace company since almost 95 years, employing 1000+ highly trained persons. SABCA is active in civil aircraft design and manufacture (Airbus, Dassault, Gulfstream), military aircraft overhaul and upgrades (F16, F5, Mirage, helicopters, etc…) as well as in space programs (Ariane and Vega). These activities cover structural work as well as Thrust Vectoring Control systems and systems integration. SABCA has plants in Brussels and Charleroi,  a fully owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg specialized in aerospace composites and a new low cost assembly plant in Morocco called ASM Aero

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