SABCA and its subsidiary Sabca Limburg N.V. at the Flemish Space Days 2015

Nov 2015

SABCA and its subsidiary Sabca Limburg N.V. will be at the Flemish Space Days 2015, from November the 20th November the 22nd 2015 in Leuven’s Brabant Hall

Teachers, students and space-related organizations are the main visitors of this event. The goal of SABCA’s  participation is to promote science, technology and engineering education among young people and to promote careers in science and aerospace..

Today SABCA Limburg assembles and equips components for space launchers. Its main activity is the installation of electrical, hydraulic and pyrotechnical systems in the front skirts (JAV) and in the rear skirts (JAR) of the Ariane 5 boosters, both which have been designed and built by SABCA

You will have the opportunity to discover SABCA latest developments in design, manufacturing, testing and support of advanced Thrust Vectoring Systems, including the associated electronics and control software.

The eye catcher is during this event is a mock-up of the Thrust Vector Control system of the Vinci cryogenic engine. This engine, that burns a mixture of cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen, can deliver about 180.000 Newton of thrust.

It is intended to equip the upper stage of future launchers of the European Space Agency (ESA) and has a capacity of re-ignition.

The Electromechanical Actuation System developed by SABCA determines the position of the rocket engine nozzle based on the commands received from the on-board computer. This system allows the orientation of the thrust vector of the Vinci rocket engine and thus realizes the guidance of the upper stage of the launcher, which finally guarantees the correct positioning of the satellites on their operational orbit.

The system consists of two electromechanical actuators, an electronic control and power unit and powerful thermal batteries.

We will be pleased to welcome you in Hall 1, Booth 12. 

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SABCA is a leading Belgian Aerospace company, established in 1920, capitalizing on the expertise of  1100+ highly trained employees. SABCA specializes in design and manufacturing of complex metal and composite aerostructures, advanced high lift mechanisms and actuation systems. SABCA is active in three markets: civil aircraft, military aircraft overhaul and upgrade and space programmes. SABCA has plants in Brussels and Charleroi, a fully owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg specialized in aerospace composites and an assembly plant in Morocco named ASM AeroSABCA is a company listed on Euronext Brussels.

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