Secretary of State, Elke Sleurs visits Sabca Limburg and Sabca Brussels

Sep 2016

On August 31th, 2016 Mrs. Elke Sleurs, Secretary of State for Science Policy, Poverty reduction, Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities, Urban Policy, Deputy Minister of Finance, visited the facilities of the SABCA Group in Lummen and in Brussels.

This visit of State Secretary Elke Sleurs allows to highlight the skills and achievements of the Group SABCA in terms of Metallic and Composite Aerostructures, Mechanisms and Actuation Systems (hydraulic and electromechanical actuators, electronic control and power units, associated software, etc).

SABCA Group is recognized as a major player in Space, specifically with regard to Satellite Launchers.

The importance of the Space Programs of the European Space Agency, which allow the Belgian industries to develop high technology products, was recalled during this visit.

These programs which are also huge motivation means for the young engineers, need the support of the Federal Authorities as given continuously in the past.


With strong shareholders (Dassault Group and GKN Aerospace/Fokker) and soon celebrating its first century in aerospace, SABCA 1200 highly motivated employees master all skills from early phases of “Build-to-Print” and “Build-to-spec” programs to full customer support.

SABCA is active in three markets: Civil Aviation, Space and Defense. 

In Civil Aviation, competencies in design and manufacturing of complex metal and composite Aerostructures and advanced High-Lift mechanisms enabled SABCA to win numerous Airbus, Dassault Aviation and Gulfstream work packages as a tier-1 and tier-2 partner.       

In Space, SABCA is single source for design and manufacturing of all Ariane 5 rocket engine Actuators, VEGA launcher and Ariane 6 complete Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system.

In Defense, SABCA offers high-end expertise in maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as modernization of military platforms and maintains most of the fleet of the Belgian armed forces. It also works with other European countries, as well as the US Air Force (USAFE), on the F-16.

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