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Avis sur la suppression des titres au porteur

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Airbus A330 1500th Tailcone delivered… …now heading for the A330 NEO

As a key player in the successful  A330 Program, SABCA is proud to announce the delivery of the 1500th A330 Tailcone to Airbus.


SABCA welcomes the new Falcon 5X

As Dassault Aviation rolls out the Falcon 5X in Bordeaux, SABCA is proud to be a major partner of the Falcon 5X program, involved in the development from the very beginning. 


SABCA at the International Paris Airshow 2015

SABCA and its composite subsidiary SABCA Limburg will be at the International Paris Airshow, from June 15th until June 21th, 2015. 


Green Energy is now a reality at the Sabca Limburg plant in Lummen

The SABCA Group environmental footprint control strategy has made renewable energy a reality at its SABCA Limburg plant, in Lummen, with a 2 Megawatt wind turbine.  


U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium Denise Bauer visits SABCA in Gosselies

On March 04th, 2015 HE the Ambassador of the United States of America, Denise Campbell Bauer visited SONACA’s and SABCA’s facilities located in Gosselies, near Charleroi, Belgium.


February, 11th 2015 ESA has launched its unmanned space plane demonstrator IXV, for which SABCA developed the Flaps Control System



SABCA at the AERO INDIA 2015 Air Show

SABCA will be at the AERO INDIA Air Show, from 18th February until 22nd February, 2015, Hall C, Booth 2.9 - Belgian Aerospace


SABCA at the F-16 Worldwide Review 2014

SABCA will be at the F-16 TCG Worldwide Review, to be held the week of 8-12 September 2014 at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center, Ogden Utah.  Visit us at Booth 89, 2nd Floor.


SABCA on board the Dassault Falcon 5X

SABCA has been selected for both the development of the Dassault Falcon 5X Lower T34 Rear section of the fuselage and the manufacturing of Horizontal Stabilizer composite elements.

On the Horizontal Stabilizer structure, SABCA, thanks to its SABCA Limburg subsidiary, is responsible for the manufacturing engineering and the manufacturing of the Falcon 5X Horizontal Stabilizer carbon skins and spars. 

SABCA  has also been selected to manufacture and to assemble the Trim Airbrakes Slats and Flaps Unit (TASFU) which is a cockpit equipment.