Products & Capabilities

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

SABCA is at the forefront of the development of Drones in Europe. Being a partner is multiple international research projects, SABCA will be able to offer a complete range of services for commercial, defence and governmental applications in the near future. 

These services include new systems design integration, (sub-)systems ground and flight testing, certification, qualification and sustainment for drones with fixed or rotary wings. 

In addition, inspection, maintenance, repair, and support services as well as remote-pilot and ground crew training will also be offered by SABCA as part of more global sustainment activities.

As the drone industry develops and maturates, there will be a need for industrial players to be the link between the drones systems and equipment designers and manufacturers, payload & technologyproviders, end-users, and authorities. SABCA has the suitable size, experience, and palette of skills to perfectly fulfil that role. Strategic partnerships with infrastructure providers and technology enablers makes it a particularly attractive and complete suite of services.