The SABCA ambition

At SABCA we want to play a key role in the forefront of the aerospace industry.

We push the aerospace industry forward by challenging boundaries with technological innovations & state-of-the-art solutions. As a designer and integrator with a high degree of added value we want to support all major flying systems around the globe.

Airbus A350 Plane

Actuation systems are the joints and muscles that move equipment inside and outside of the Aircraft. Actuators control movements of critical Flight Control Surfaces, lift augmentation, spoiler systems and are present on almost every moving part of the airplane. 

SABCA designs, develops, tests, manufactures and repairs hydraulic, electrohydraulic and electromechanical actuators and actuation systems for all commercial aerospace applications. Our products range from primary flight to utility actuators.

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Actuation Systems SABCA Airbus

SABCA is the European Market Leader and single source for design and manufacturing of all Ariane 5 rocket engine Actuators. For the next generation European Launchers, Ariane 6 and Vega C, SABCA is providing the complete Trust Vector Control (TVC) system.

A Thrust Vector Control System typically includes electromechanical or hydraulic actuators, an integrated power and drive unit containing all the electronics and a power source either as batteries or as pressurized fluid.

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SABCA is a trustworthy and reliable maintenance service provider for the defence industry. National and international governments rely on our knowledge and expertise to maintain their mission critical, high performance actuators.

SABCA had experience on many platforms, has a proven track record and is known for meeting its customers demands and meeting or exceeding their expectations.

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SABCA supplies complex, multi technology structures to the entire commercial aviation sector and is proud to be a trusted partner of the elite of the aerospace industry. For its customers, SABCA designs and integrates advanced structural, complex and critical components for new and proven aeronautics programs. 

With expertise in metals and composites SABCA was awarded with numerous Airbus, Dassault Aviation and Gulfstream work packages as a tier-1 Risk-Sharing Partner. 

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SABCA designs and manufactures metallic skirts for Ariane 5 (upper and lower booster skirts) and for Vega and Vega C (interstage 01). We also deliver various composite parts such as acceleration rocket frames.

These large elements are fully equipped with technology and are as such delivered to customers as a plug and fly solution.

Thanks to its broad know-how acquired during different space programs, SABCA is able to deliver the most qualitative structures designed by the best engineers.


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SABCA has accumulated over 60 years of experience in maintaining, repairing and replacing critical structures in military platforms such as wings, fuel tanks and fuselages.

Our extensive in-house expertise enables us to deliver to the highest standards within our partners timeframe and budget always driven to find the best solution for any given problem.


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With a worldwide recognition, SABCA truly is the European F-16 Center of Excellence. We proudly support air forces from Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and the USA who trust SABCA with their F-16 sustainment operation.

SABCA also offers its expertise to platforms such as Alphajet, A109, Mirage, A10 aircraft and is aiming for a role in the future European fleet of F-35 and Skyguardian tactical UAS.

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SABCA developed an eco-system for Unmanned Autonomous Systems that meets aviation standards to perform safety critical mission. For example, flights over densely populated areas, offshore windmill inspection, surveillance over sea and flights over remote areas. To this end, SABCA offers its partners a wide range of services such as drone design, payload integration, ground and flight testing, drone qualification and certification, inspection, maintenance and repair activities. SABCA acts as fleet manager and supports operators.

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Job openings employer SABCA

Your career in a higher level

Come join SABCA and become part of one of the leading companies in Europe.

We have many opportunities for highly motivated people that want to reinforce our teams. Skills in design, fabrication, assembly or testing? Let us know!

Discover our vacancies!

Our Unmanned Autonomous Systems for Safety Critical Missions

SABCA industrial eco System

SABCA industrial eco System

SABCA has more than 100 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and upgrading large and complex elements for aircraft and space launchers.

The SABCA industrial eco-system has a variety of capabilities at hand for space, aviation, defence and the general industries. Being present in different markets offers great advantages for SABCA and its partners.

By stimulating cross-fertilization between our different centers of expertise, we are able to service top tier companies with state-of-the-art products.

100 years

of the excellence in the aerospace industry

Our story started in 1920, the beginning of an exhilarating time where we pioneered in aviation and took off for a journey into space! Ten decades of experience bring us right where we are today. 

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100 years of the excellence

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