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The SABCA Group

Sabca GROU^ is one of the main aerospace and defence actors in Belgium, belonging to a unique industrial ecosystem, Orizio Group. The group is made up of Sabca (Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques) and its subsidiaries Sabca Limburg and Sabca Maroc. It conducts its activities from the three Belgian regions as well as from Casablanca in Morocco.

The SABCA Group

SABCA has a century of know-how and passion. With a value proposition based on skills, experience, and performance, the SABCA Group serves its four markets of civil aviation, space, defence and the general industry. Provided with synergy and complementarity in the products and services. 

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186 M€

The group focuses its activities on the following centres of excellence :

  • Integrated Assemblies
  • Actuation Systems
  • Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Upgrades
  • Unmanned Autonomous Systems

MRO and Upgrades of platforms and equipment are an important industrial activity which places the SABCA group as a strong partner to promote a quality services in the drone industry. The three core businesses : metallic & composite structures, advanced thrust vectoring systems and major maintenance & upgrades.


SABCA is a member of several aerospace associations, among which :

Belgian Security and Defence Industry (BSDI), Belgospace, Bruspace, Brussels Aeronautical Group (BAG), Eurospace, Entreprises Wallonnes de l'Aéronautique (EWA), Wallonie Espace, Flanders Aerospace Group (FLAG).

Core business

  • Metallic & composite structures
  • Advanced thrust vectoring systems
  • Major maintenance & upgrades
  • Wet lease drone services

Our locations

Sabca Brussels

SABCA Brussels is the Headquarter of the company. Besides its corporate, commercial and financial functions, the plant in Brussels is the home to the Structural and Mechatronics Engineering offices, responsible for most of the new programs at SABCA. Its workshops are equipped with modern machines that produce complex metallic assemblies for aircraft and space launchers and advanced Thrust Vectoring Systems for space launchers. SABCA Brussels is also the home to our Business Unit "Unmanned Autonomous Systems".

The plant has 680 employees.

Contact Sabca Brussels
  • Established in 1920
  • 680 employees
  • 1.120.000 S.Q. feet, 105.000 m²
  • Design & Engineering Dept.
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Actuators
  • Electronics
  • Surface Treatment
  • Assembly

Sabca Charleroi

SABCA Charleroi, located right on the runway of Brussels South Charleroi Airport is the ideal place for heavy maintenance and major upgrades for all kinds of military aircraft and helicopters. A dedicated engineering office prepares the modification packages that allow older aircraft to fly longer with an operational capability close to the most modern aircraft. The Belgian Air Force is a regular customer in Charleroi, but so are several foreign Air Forces who recognize the high flexibility and reliability of the work performed at SABCA. 292 employees are active at SABCA Charleroi.

Contact Sabca Charleroi
  • 6041, Rue des Fusillés 1 6040 Charleroi (Brussels South Charleroi Airport)

  • Email:

  • Established in 1955
  • 292 employees
  • 540.000 S.Q. feet, 50.000 m²
  • Aircraft & Helicopter MRO&U
  • Engineering Department
  • Direct Access to Runway
  • Own Control Tower
  • Painting Facility

Sabca Limburg

SABCA Limburg nv is a fully owned subsidiary of SABCA. Established in 1992, it is specialized in the manufacturing of high-tech composite assemblies for aircraft. The production of integrated skins for flaps and stabilizers happens with two automatic tape-layers (ATL) and very large autoclaves, coupled with extended know-how. In cooperation with the Engineering office in Brussels, SABCA Limburg is also responsible for the flap track fairings of several aircraft. The Space industry is also present in this plant with the final system integration of Ariane 5 and Vega assemblies.

SABCA Limburg employs 90 people.

Contact Sabca Limburg
  • Established in 1992
  • 90 employees
  • 215.000 S.Q. feet, 20.000 m²
  • Complex Composite Systems
  • Engineering Dept
  • 16ft X 49ft Autoclave
  • Automatic Tape Layer
  • Assembly

Sabca Casablanca

SABCA Maroc is fully owned by SABCA. Established in 2012, it is specialized in the assembly of different large aircraft parts, like the tailcone for the Airbus A330. With its facilities located in the Nouaceur industrial park, in the immediate vicinity of Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport, SABCA Maroc is specialised in the assembly of aerostructure subassemblies. These activities fit perfectly with the group’s growth strategy for civil and military aviation activities. Through its modern production facilities and EN 9100 quality certification, paired with renowned expertise in the fields of riveting, sealing, and painting, SABCA Maroc has the ability to meet the demands of the main market players. 70 people are employed in Casablanca.

Contact Sabca Casablanca
  • Pole Industrielle Aeronautique Nouasseur Casablanca 20000 Morocco

  • Phone: +212 5225 39491

  • Established in 2012
  • 70 employees
  • 43.000 S.Q. feet, 4.000 m²
  • Aero structure Assembly
  • Joint Venture with AAA


SABCA’s top priority is to listen and serve to its customers and to satisfy their needs, expectations and requirements in terms of :

  • Quality product compliance
  • Competitiveness
  • Flexibility, reliability, support

SABCA possesses all the necessary qualifications to design, produce and qualify their products. These qualifications are results from extensive audits performed by independent organizations.

In order to keep control of its suppliers, SABCA is a member of the QUALIFAS and EAQG-EASE organizations. For more information of the commitment of SABCA’s Management, download our "QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT".

The international recognitions

Environment Environment


We at SABCA are aware of our impact on the environment and take actions to reduce it.
In accordance with ISO 14001, SABCA has an Environmental Management System (EMS) that continuously improves our performance, with a main focus on reducing waste, managing our energy consumption, reducing the use of chemicals and investing in clean energy.

For more information about SABCA’s ISO 14001 commitment, please download our
"SABCA Environmental Policy".

Achievements :

  • Solar panels in Brussels that cover a part of our energy consumption

  • Large wind turbine in Lummen to provide most of its energy consumption

  • The respect of the European REACH requirements banning a range of dangerous products

  • Progressive switch from solvent containing paints to water-based paints, with qualifications for Airbus and Dassault products

  • Investment in a new automated, energy efficient surface treatment installation that allows us to use chrome free baths

  • A bead blasting installation at Charleroi to mechanically remove the paint from the aircraft, replacing classical chemical processes

  • Full removal of the asbestos materials from the buildings

Our History

1920 1920


SABCA was founded in 1920 with the task of designing and building aircraft for the emerging air transport in Belgium. The plant was located on the Haren airport, located in the suburbs of Brussels. Several original designs were put on the market by the company before World War II, in parallel with the production of numerous civil and military aircraft.

1945 1945


After the war, SABCA became a major partner in Belgian military aircraft production and upgrade programs like the Hunter, F-84, F-104G, Dassault Mirage 5, Lockheed F-16, Agusta 109 Helicopter.

History 1955
1955 1955


A new plant was opened in 1955 at Charleroi airport. In a move towards diversification in the field of high technologies, SABCA was among the early participants in the European space programs. For over 40 years they designed and manufactured major elements of the European Spacelab and large parts of the Ariane and Vega launchers.

On the civil aircraft side, SABCA had a slow start with the production of the outer wings of the Fokker 27/50 family, the flaps of the Dassault Mercure and the flaps for the VFW-614.

History 1989
1989 1989


The civil aircraft activity really boosted in 1989 when a first risk-sharing contract was signed with Airbus. Since that day, SABCA has been selected as a partner for all new Airbus programs, including the giant A380, the A400M and the new A350 XWB. SABCA also designs and produces metallic and composite subassemblies for the Dassault (900/2000/7X and SMS) and the Gulfstream business jets programs.

History 1992
1992 1992


SABCA moved forward with the creation of a fully-owned subsidiary, SABCA Limburg nv, specialized in the production of high-tech composites. Today, the plant produces high quality components for Airbus A350, A400M and Gulfstream 650.

History 2012
2012 2012


Opening a new site in Casablanca completed the SABCA eco-system. The SABCA Group created a network of centers of excellence in order to bring its customers end-to-end solutions at the best price. Our new site was named SABCA Maroc and is already looking for expansion to cover the increasing demand.

2019 2019


After 100 years of excellence in aerospace, SABCA is an important player in the aerospace industry. Building on its expertise, SABCA is now taking major steps to become a leader in the development systems for unmanned autonomous missions. The drone department performs safety critical missions for the general industry, like medical transport over densely populated areas and inspection of offshore infrastructure.

Press conference Blueberry
2020 2020


June 17. The deal transferring the SABCA shares of Dassault Belgique Aviation to the new holding company BLUEBERRY, in which SABENA AEROSPACE and the Federal Holding and Investment Company are shareholders, is sealed. SABCA takes off alongside SABENA AEROSPACE within the first Belgian ecosystem in the aerospace industry.