Designer and Integrator

SABCA is a major player in aviation for almost 100 years. It has worked on important platforms of different players in the industry with a focus on "integrated assemblies", "actuation systems" and "Maintenance Repair and Overhaul". 

By bringing end to end solutions to our customer, SABCA has an important role in different critical structures and components of flying platforms. Many of the modern flying airplanes have various parts with a SABCA quality stamp on them. 


Legacy Platforms

We are more than proud to significantly contribute to platforms like the Airbus A330, A350, A400M and A380, the Falcon F5X, F6X, the Gulfstream 650.


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Within the SABCA-ecosystem, various capabilities able us to design and build complex metallic and composite structures. At SABCA Lummen we build state-of-the-art composite structures like flaps, skins and fairings for large commercial and military aircrafts.

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SABCA’s experience in actuation systems extends from the space industry to the commercial aviation industry, providing solutions for major space programs like Ariane and Vega and commercial platforms like Airbus.

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In Brussels and Morocco, SABCA builds medium to large fuselage structures for platforms like the tailcone for the Airbus A330 and the rear lower shell of the A380.

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SABCA specializes in multi-technology solutions by combining composite and metallic materials for heavy lift components such as flap support mechanisms.

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Plug and Fly integrated assemblies are at the core of SABCA’s expertise. We deliver complete assemblies, like fuel tanks and flap mechanisms, directly to the assembly line of its customers.

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SABCA is a key supplier for the direct drive valves (DDV) of the emergency brakes of many Airbus airplanes. With more than 15.000 actuators delivered, SABCA plays a key role in the global aviation safety.

We do the heavy lifting

Many of the modern airplanes have tail or wing parts with a SABCA quality stamp on them. With great engineering manufacture extremely large fuselage parts of the Airbus A380,  the aluminum tail from the Airbus A330 and the composite tail structure for planes like the Falcon F5X or the Gulfstream 650. The Airbus A400M, flies around with our composite skins on its flaps and our robust flap mechanisms that lower the flaps during landing and take-off. The new Airbus A350 is also equipped with similar flap mechanisms. You can actually almost see how SABCA is doing all the heavy lifting!

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