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Controlling flight paths

At SABCA we design, manufacture or maintain actuators for commercial aviation and defence industry. Actuation systems are the joints, muscles and nerves of an airplane. They are the components that set other parts in motion. In the Flight Control System, Actuators move flight control surfaces like the ailerons, elevators, rudder, flaps and spoilers according to Roll/Pitch/Yaw inputs from the Pilots or Autopilot System. Actuators can also be found in most other systems such as Landing Gear System, Brake System, Door Operating Systems and more. 

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SABCA produces electrohydraulic and electromechanical actuators and is, in light of further electrification of future aircrafts, developing lighter and less energy consuming electric actuators. A new technology to improve performance and increase reliability.

Aircrafts and jets

Aviation -Flight Control Actuators

SABCA designs, manufactures and maintains flight control actuators, including electro-hydraulic systems. Using that heritage, SABCA is positioning itself as a key partner for the development of the electrical wing.

Aviation - Utility Actuators

Utilizing its unique know-how in hydraulic systems, SABCA manufactures utility actuators for the largest players of the industry.

Aviation - Ancillary systems

Besides its tier 1 activities, SABCA also positions itself as a tier 2 supplier for high-volume and complex electromechanical and hydraulic systems.

Products for aviation


For decades already, the aerospace sector has been moving towards greater electrification. Actuation systems are naturally following the same trend. Electromechanical technologies and its applications will continue to grow in overall aircraft content.

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SABCA Actuation Systems Aviation

Actuation systems

SABCA has many years of experience in design, manufacturing, and maintenance of flight control actuators for business jets and commercial aircrafts. This includes hydraulic and electromechanical systems, as well as hybrid electro-hydraulic technologies.

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Ancillary systems

Besides its tier 1 activities, SABCA also positions itself as a tier 2 supplier for specific work packages. Our added value lies in complex electromechanical and hydraulic systems, for which our interdisciplinary design and manufacturing expertise can makes the difference.



SABCA maintains a significant in-house production capability. In the company’s vast machine park, some are dedicated primarily to actuation systems. This includes notably:

  • turning from Ø5 up to Ø600mm and 2000m long
  • deep-boring rom Ø20 up to Ø150 and  3000mm long
  • milling up to  X630 mm, Y630 mm, Z1200 mm
  • in- and out-grinding of parts up to 250 kg
  • special operations such as spark machining, break-in of piston-sleeves, and laser marking

Electronic & cabling

SABCA is equipped with all the required facilities for electronic production. This includes component placement, both for SMD and through-hole mounting with selective wave, as well as automated optical inspection. Electronic testing and assembly are performed in a 400m2 class 100.000 clean room. Wiring is performed in a separate 500m2 workshop, fully ESD protected.


Assembly & testing

Most of the facilities required for the environmental and functional testing of aerospace actuation systems are available at SABCA. This includes climatic chambers of various sizes, humidity and temperature ranges, several inertial test benches, and an electro-dynamic shaker. SABCA also has over 400m2 of temperature and humidity-controlled facilities dedicated to assembly, with adapted hydraulic benches.


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