Design & Build

In Defence, SABCA offers solutions to Aircraft manufacturers as wel as national governments. On the one hand, we play an important rol in designing and/or building actuators and complex structures in composite and aluminum for the aerospace moguls. 

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Fleet Management

On the other hand we act as a full-service fleet manager, with experience in different aspects of maintenance, repair and overhaul on sounding names like the F-16, Alphajet, Agusta and Mirage.


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SABCA is specialized in designing, building, maintaining and repairing heavy-duty composite and metallic structures on airplanes, including skins on wing structures.

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After working on more than 2000 helicopters and aircrafts, SABCA is an expert in upgrades for structural parts such as fuselage, wings, tanks and tail structures.

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Avionic upgrades are a part of the core competences of SABCA. This by supporting its customers with design, testing, qualification, certification and training, SABCA performed upgrades on more than 300 aircrafts and helicopters.

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SABCA performs regular and full maintenance and upgrade services on the actuation systems of platforms like F-16 and Alphajet. We are experts in the field of components such as the flaperon, rudder, elevator and tail.

Ready for the future

The SABCA plant in Charleroi is geared with the necessary equipment and has the expertise to perform in depth upgrades in structures, avionics and weapon systems. Our team is able to support partners in design, integration, testing, qualification and training.  Building on our expertise of different aircrafts and different partners, SABCA will continue to find solutions for fleet management for current aircrafts and prepare for new ones like the F-35. 

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