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Unmanned Autonomous Systems for safety critical missions

Unmanned Autonomous Systems are soon to be used by many industries. For example, the energy industry will use them to inspect their offshore wind turbines. The healthcare sector will use to the systems to transport medical supplies between hospitals and they will also be used by governments to monitor and guide traffic.

SABCA Penguin C Drone

SABCA supports its customers in finding a safe and solid solution for hazardous and critical missions. It therefore is a niche player in the segment of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles and uses its expertise in the aerospace industry to offer the best and most trustworthy systems.

Our specialty: Safety Critical Missions

Flying over densely populated areas near expensive and critical infrastructure under adverse weather conditions requires the use of reliable and secure systems. At SABCA, we are experts in creating these state-of-the-art systems capable of conducting safety-critical missions. Our Business Unit Unmanned Autonomous Systems brings together the skills and expertise needed to offer our customers solutions that save costs and reduce risks.

Industry Market
Industry Market

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