Market leader in Thrust Vector Control

SABCA is undoubtedly the market leader on thrust vector control systems of European launchers, from heavy launchers like Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 to lighter ones like Vega and Vega C.

For every stage of the launchers, SABCA has designed and manufactured electro-mechanical or hydraulic systems that answer every specific need in the most challenging environment. SABCA can say it keeps space missions on the right track, literally.



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SABCA builds solid and equipped interstage structures for space launchers. The structures carry the full weight of the launcher and are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.

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SABCA is the European leader in designing, building, testing, qualifying and certifying actuators for space launchers. Over decades we have gained expertise on different platforms like Ariane 5 & 6 and Vega & Vega C. The knowledge is also used for off the shelf solutions for other aviation and space programs.

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By combining different capabilities in software and hardware, SABCA can provide a fully integrated system that keeps launchers on their trajectory by steering the exhaust in the right direction.

Designer and integrator of multi-technology assemblies

SABCA delivers structures and technology for different parts of the launchers going from the front and rear skirt to damping mechanisms and the pneumatic connector that fires away the booster from the launcher itself.

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Space equipment

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