Keeping launchers on track

Keeping launchers on their designated flight path is a complex and challenging exercise. All moving parts must work together to stay on course. This involves smart software and hightech engineering. At SABCA we specialize in critical actuation systems that control the flightpaths of launchers such as Ariane 6 and the Vega family.

Actuation system - Space

Vital technology

At SABCA we design and build critical actuation systems that control the flightpath of launchers like Ariane and Vega, making our contribution vital to every successful space mission at all stages.

Actuators for space launchers and re-entry vehicles

Space - Thrust Vector Control Systems

Since the very first flight of Ariane, SABCA has delivered all the Thrust Vector Control systems for the Ariane and Vega launchers. Its actuation systems and critical aerostructures have successfully enabled over 260+ flights.

Products for space

Thrust Vector Control Systems

The key products of SABCA’s Actuation Systems business unit are the end-to-end Thrust Vector Control system and the Aerodynamic Surface Control system. These typically include electromechanical or hydraulic actuators, an integrated, independent power and control unit containing all the electronics. At SABCA we also develop the software to run these Systems.

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SABCA has developed an extensive range of electromechanical and hydraulic actuators for a wide range of power requirements. Our portfolio of proven designs can be used in a modified off-the-shelf approach, as a starting point in new developments for a multitude of space applications from launchers to re-entry vehicles or lunar landers.



SABCA has all the required know-how to develop solutions unifying power electronics, microelectronics and software, to drive its actuators. In terms of power and low-level electronics, SABCA’s capabilities revolve around full-bridge or H-bridge topologies based on IGBT and MOSFET technologies. We deliver solutions up to 450A / 1200V in industrial or custom packages and follow customer specifications based on MI-SD-461D/46D or RTCA DO160.

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Product - Electronics


SABCA maintains a significant in-house production capability. In the company’s vast machine park, a few are dedicated primarily to actuation systems. This includes notably:

  • turning from Ø5 up to Ø600mm and 2000m long
  • deep-boring rom Ø20 up to Ø150 and 3000mm long
  • milling up to  X630 mm, Y630 mm, Z1200 mm
  • in- and out-grinding of parts up to 250kg
  • special operations such as spark machining, break-in of piston-sleeves, and laser marking

Electronic & cabling

SABCA is equipped with all the required facilities for electronic production. This includes component placement, both for SMD and through-hole mounting with selective wave, as well as automated optical inspection. Electronic testing and assembly are performed in a 400m2 class 100.000 clean room. Wiring is performed in a separate 500m2 workshop, fully ESD protected.


Assembly & testing

Most of the facilities required for the environmental and functional testing of aerospace actuation systems are available at SABCA. This includes climatic chambers of various sizes, humidity ranges and temperature ranges, several inertial test benches and an electro-dynamic shaker. SABCA also has over 400m2 of temperature and humidity-controlled facilities dedicated to assembly, with adapted hydraulic benches.


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