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Structures for Launchers

The different European Space programs brought an enormous amount of knowledge to SABCA. We succeeded in constructing multiple structural components in aluminum and composite for different launchers throughout the last decades. 


Ariane Integrated Assemblies SABCA

SABCA is able to manage the whole process from design over manufacturing and integration  to final testing and support. Our expertise, also gathered in the aviation industry, allows us to bring an end-to-end solution for customers in aerospace world wide. 

Integrated Assemblies for Launchers

Space - Front squirt

After years of research and development SABCA learned to master the industrial art to desing and build complex structures that can sustain extreme environments. For differents space programs, SABCA delivered many structures that past every test.

Space - Interstage

Combining different technologies, SABCA is a proud integrator of equipped interstages, from structure to complete Thrust Vector Control System.

Space - Rear squirt

SABCA has a vast machine park that can answer demands for small and extremely large components.

Products for Space

SABCA designes and manufactures upper and lower parts of Ariane boosters. These structures  in aluminum house various electronic equipment and transfer the thrust of the engines to the rocket's central body. 

The lower part of the booster is also equipped with SABCA made actuator systems that move the launcher's nozzle and steer the rocket on its perfect track into space. This equipped structure is delivered to the Ariane Program but also used in the Italian Vega and Vega C. 


SABCA develops and manufactures the different interstages and Thrust Vector Control of the Vega and Vega C launcher, hereby delivering a fully equipped aluminum structure to its customer. 

The lower structure, called Interstage 0/1, supports the full weight of the launcher and  is made out of one piece to withstand the big amount of pressure.


The patented Damping Mechanism, designed and build by SABCA allows an efficient reduction of vibrations induced by the booster powder engine. This has a positive impact on  with a positive impact on the launcher payload capacity by reduction of vibration in the cargo haul.

The Snatch Off Mechanism, also designed and build by SABCA is the physical link between the launcher and the launch pad until the lift-off. 


Design & Support

SABCA offers “build to print” and “design to print” services to all its customers, always pursuing the most innovative and intergrated solution at best cost. We accompagnie our partners from concept development to tool design, manufacturing, testing and certification.

build en design


SABCA offers a broad range of aluminum machining capabilities. The company’s vast machine park allows us to answer to demands for small and extremely large components. Our machining facilities are equipped with trusted and advanced technologies such as:

  • Long Bed High Speed Machining
  • Medium Bed Machining
  • Medium / Short Bed Machining
  • High Precision Machining
  • Turning / Milling / Precision Boring
  • Sheet Metal / Fabricated Details

Composite structures

Strong, lightweight materials are essential to the further development of aviation. SABCA therefore invested in cutting edge technology  and equipment to lead the transition of the industry. This includes cutting tables, hand lay-up, automated tape layers, hot drape forming, large autoclaves, robotized ultrasonic inspection, CNC trimming and painting.

Autoclave SABCA
SABCA Hand Lay Up

Surface Treatment

One of the largest aerospace qualified surface treatments line of Belgium is available at SABCA Brussels. Qualified since early 2013, it covers our needs and allows to offer a part of our capacity to answer the growing market demand for “build to print” activities.

  • TSA, CAA
  • Fluorescent penetrant inspection
  • Water-based painting (Primer & Top Coat)
  • Post-REACH solutions
  • Maximum part size: 7200 mm x 3600 mm x 700 mm
Surface Treatment SABCA
Surface Treatment

Integration & Assembly

SABCA specialized in plug & fly integrations, meaning it integrates fully equipped components into larger subassemblies and finished assemblies. With our state of the art equipment, strong combination between automated and manual assembly and our footprint in Morocco we can offer our partners solutions at best cost. .

SABCA integrated Assemblies

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